The campsite is owned, maintained and operated by the

Barrwood Trust

in support of Scouting.

Supported by Wellsfield Farm

mportant notice to prospective campers.

2019 Revised camping fees. Scouts from outside Forth Region £3.00 per person per night.

Non Scouting Organisations £5.00 per person per night.

Health & Safety Notice: The use of chainsaws is restricted to approved personnel only.

September 20th to 22nd - Pentland District Scout Camp. Small local bookings only being accepted for this weekend.

October:Timber Extraction - The Trust have engaged a company to clear fell the Scout plantation. This is scheduled to happen at some point in October. During the felling operations access to the "new" turning circle is likely to be restricted.

Nature Trail: Boards 16-24 have been removed in preparation for the felling operation.