The campsite is owned, maintained and operated by the

Barrwood Trust

in support of Scouting.


Three types of toilet are available in the Barrwood:

1. The usual woodland style in various locations.

2. Flushing toilets and showers in the Barn which will be available if you have booked the Barn and also, normally, if there is a Duty Warden on site.

3. New composting toilet blocks in three locations which are described below. Each block has two toilets, both blocks are accessible by wheelchair users.

New campers should be instructed in the proper use of the various types if facility.


Please pay particular attention to these notices and put nothing into a toilet which you have not previously eaten or drunk, apart from toilet paper.

Inside both of the blocks there is one toilet which is fitted out for access by those with disabilities.


One block is located near the front gate, just beyond the flight of steps to the left of the main entrance to the wood.


A second block is located at the ”Great Divide” which is on the left (West) of the Games Field. It is approached by following the path down into the "Great Divide" and up on the other side.

A third block is situated near to the entrance to the biviouac and the location of the "ice boulder"

The Trustees and users are very grateful to the following sponsors whose donations have allowed the constuction of the toilets to be possible:
Lomond Leader, Stafford Trust, Awards for All, Robertson Trust, Clackmannanshire & Stirling Environmental Trust and Scottish Community Foundation.