The campsite is owned, maintained and operated by the

Barrwood Trust

in support of Scouting.

Winter Camping

The Barrwood is available for camping all year round. However, during the “winter season” from November till March, there are some differences from the other 7 months, these are:

  • The site is designated greenfield during this period,
  • there is no Duty Warden in camp during this time,
  • you will most likely be in the wood on your own,
  • the water supply to the taps in the wood should still be on. If the weather is very frosty, the water pipes may well be frozen leaving no running water. Under these circumstances, if the ice is not too thick, it may be possible to collect water from the reservoir but it must be boiled before consumption.
  • The Sir Ian Bolton Barn can still be booked for daytime use but
  • the water supply will be drained down and so
  • no flush toilets or showers will be available.
  • The Trustees reserve the right to cancel any bookings, even at short notice, if they consider that the conditions in the wood are unsuitable for camping or any other activity.

Bookings should be made using the normal booking form.

The Trustees reserve the right to limit camping, at any time, but particularly during the winter season if conditions are dangerous to the participants or detrimental to the fabric of the wood.